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A five-days-long journey, 6305 Km by train (almost 11 times the way from Rome to Milan), two continents and six different time zones to cross to get from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar. That is the Trans Mongolian railway, a branch of the famous Trans- Siberian railway which, instead of leading to Vladivostok, goes across a large part of Siberia and Mongolia, to end its trip in Beijing.


This site contains a brief report of the travel that we, Danilo Elia and Živilė Linkevičiūtė, made in the huge Russian continent, from the European side to the Siberian one, as far as Mongolia and the Gobi desert - 32 days to cover more than 8000 km by train and jeep. Surfing on this site you’ll find many impressions, some pictures, a comprehensive library and a set of information and tips we hope could give an helping hand to all who intend to undertake such a travel.


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