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Frankly, I canít remember any longer exactly when I decided to undertake a travel along the Trans- Siberian. What I do remember is that, even if Iíve seen a fair number of countries, planning a travel has never been more exciting to me. Thatís also why I wanted to avoid to contact any agency, and to do it on a shoestring. Actually, during the planning, the original itinerary has been changed many times. That first idea to take the train named Rossia as far as Vladivostok, before we decided to visit Mongolia and to take the Trans Mongolian branch of the railway.

The rough idea was also to take the Baikal-Amur Magistral railway, the project that Stalin wanted for military grounds and which goes along the Trans- Siberian, 800 km north, but many reasons (i.e. time and money) pushed us to choose a softer trip.

What I can say now, once back home, is that one month is absolutely not enough to fully appreciate such a huge land, where you need days and not hours to move from place to place, so far but, at the same time, so close to Europe; and the wish is always the same Ė to get sooner there once again...


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