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The web is certainly an indispensable resource for the planning of this travel, to complement and to upgrade the traditional guidebooks. In this page I've listed, according to my own opinion, a selection of the best sites scattered on the web, considering that you can start from them to surf around and find almost everything you need. I've also deliberately not mentioned links to travel agencies which, very often, don't give any useful information and make definitely high prices.


Home pages

bulletAdalberto Buzzin - Italian home page with a brief travel diary and some pictures. In Italian.
bulletHerbert Groot Jebbink - It is said to be the best internet site on the Trans- Siberian. Many, many links (some odd), travelogue and some pictures. In English and Duch  
bulletJohn Pannel - One more home page "all-inclusive". In English.
bulletAndy Martin - It includes the full story of a long travel by train from London to Hong Kong. In English.

Useful information - A sort of portal on the Trans- Siberian. In Russian, English and German.   
bullet(Russian) Railway Ring - An up-to-date web ring.
bulletLonely Planet Russia, Ukraine & Belarus - Online upgrade in .pdf file to the homonymous LP guidebook.
bulletInteractive Map - A small clickable map showing all the most important Trans- Siberian towns, their coordinates and distance from Moscow. In English.
bulletTrain timetables - An excellent database of all the timetables of all Russia's and CIS trains. Surf with an efficient search engine. In Russian.
bulletMaps - A huge Russia's and CIS downloadable map collection.
bulletRusslink - It's a big list of hundreds of Russian links on all sorts of subjects. In English
bulletOrientation Russia - It's a Russian portal full of news and information. In English. - This is a travel agency site, but it's full of useful information. In Russian. - In this site you'll find all you need to know on the biggest autonomous republic of the Russian Federation: Yakutia. In Russian.
bulletLago Baikal - It's a site with a lot of information and pictures on this marvel of the nature. In English.
bulletItalia-Mongolia - This is the official web site of the Cultural Association Italia-Mongolia. Useful information also about the visa issuing. In Italian, Spanish, German, French, English and Mongolian.         
bulletLonely Planet Mongolia - Online upgrade in .pdf file to the homonymous LP guidebook. - Mongolian portal filled up with handy information. In English.
bulletBluepeak - Many data and info on Mongolia and beautiful picture in this site. In English. - Universal currency converter.   
bulletUB Guesthouse - This is the e-mail address of the best guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar. Believe me!